Heyyyyy I animated the last panel in this one!! 😀

I’ve wanted to make a comic showing how much he moves around (and how well we can see it!) for a while now, only I could NOT figure out a good way to lay it out in comic panels :/ So I finally figured, HEY! Why don’t I just animate it? And here ya go!

This is no joke either, he REALLY moves around that much, and you can easily see it if you watch her belly. It’s SO COOL!! 😀 I always think about how adorable he is whenever he’s moving around a lot (although my wife is usually uber-uncomfortable when he really gets going).

Before I let everyone go, I want to give a quick shout-out to my buddies Jay and Chris over at Louder Than Bombs. The artwork is slicckkkk (I’m jealous!) and the writing is sort of like what you’d find on Family Guy. I love it, go check em out!!