So anyone who follows me on Twitter saw me talking about baby poops last night, and what better way to follow that up than with this guest comic by Nick of Treading Ground (link nsfw)! Thanks for the grossness, hahaha!

So this is the last guest comic I have for everyone, but if you’d like to send me one, then by all means, please do, and I’ll upload it as soon as I can! I’ve enjoyed every comic I’ve received so definitely don’t shy away from it 🙂

I should be resuming my journal comic tomorrow, hopefully. I say hopefully because it really depends on how much free time Nathan lets me have haha. I actually drew one up for the 18th (the day before he was born) last night in photoshop, but I was working in the dark, and accidentally closed it without saving (my hands/fingers get working pretty fast with photoshop shortcuts and I couldn’t really see the keyboard). Sighhhhh. So yeah. HOPEFULLY I’ll have new comics up for everyone tomorrow!

I also plan on making a separate part of this page dedicated to just guest comics, so that these guest comics don’t break the flow of my journal. So if you see me take them down, they won’t be down for too long! It’s one of the features I’m going to add to this page of mine here. I have plans!!! Woo!!!

Thanks for reading everyone, hopefully I’ll be resuming my schedule here shortly!!