Okay so this guest comic comes courtesy of 4-year-old Nora Bentley, daughter of my good friend and cohort Jeremy Bentley of the webcomic The Ouro Bros and the Neverending Tour! This whole comic starring Nathan and his stuffed dog (who, by the way, is named “Woof-Woof”), was made by Nora with a little bit of help from her dad, and I about died when I saw it. I LOVE IT. Thank you so much, Nora!!

Kind of a heads up, when Natey starts to draw I am going to be posting the HECK out of his stuff so BE READY.

This comic also marks the first of a few guest comics I received for this week as I use this week to finish up my first book (12 days left to preorder as of this writing)! Thank you to all who have sent one in, and if you’d like to contribute as well, feel free to email it to me!