YARG I suck at updates. Okay not so much suck as it is just being busy and sleepy. Although I shouldn’t complain, as my wife has been a SAINT as I’ve started going back to work, where she’ll do everything she can to keep from waking me during the night to take care of little Nathan so that I can be rested for a day of work. So thank you, sweetheart. šŸ™‚

So hey! This one is by the first guy to ever leave a comment on my comic ever, when I first started this thing out over at DrunkDuck! Alwin has been reading since day one, and honestly, I’ve no idea how he even found it considering I had no idea how to even make my comic show up on the front page for the first month or so when I would update. He does the journal comic called “Status Update,” which is a fun read, if at times a bit twisted (but that’s why I love it!). Thanks a million for sticking with me so long buddy, you are very much appreciated šŸ˜€

A funny thing about this comic is that it shows how some of my younger viewers react to my wife and I having a baby and stuff. When I started this comic, I figured I would aim it at parents; an older crowd in general. I was definitely pleasantly surprised when I discovered that I have a lot of age 18 or younger readers as well!