Hey everyone, sorry I’ve been gone for so long. But this is the reason why.

We actually found out that we were pregnant a bit before SPX 2013, and were hoping to announce whether we were going to have a boy or girl around Christmas last year. The lack of updates and talk about it by me should say it all. It still hurts, and some days are better than others. We still shed tears about it. It does get a little easier every day to cope with it, though.

I struggled for a long time of how to come back to this journal comic. I wavered a lot trying to decide if I should just pick it back up and start drawing more comics like nothing ever happened, or just take the whole thing down. But to go on as if nothing had happened would be a great injustice to the child that we were going to bring into this world. We were honestly trying to change our entire lives the minute we found out, making plans, picking out names… to go on with this project as if nothing had ever happened? I just can’t.

My wife tells me all the time that her favorite comics are the ones with Nathan in them, just watching him grow up through digital ink. And I really don’t want to take something down that I’ve worked so hard on and spent so much time on. I love sharing our lives with the world as we try to raise a kid. Every comment and email I receive always makes me so happy when someone else out there can relate to something I write, or gets a laugh out of something silly my kid did, and just all that. This journal comic is incredibly special to me for so many reasons.

Truth be told, 2013 was a very rough year, stretching back into the end of 2012. I really don’t want to get into the who’s and what’s and why’s, but for all the highs that 2013 held, they were nothing compared to the lows. 2013 was a brutal year, and I am happy it is over.

So yeah. That’s where I’ve been. Just trying to clear my head and trying to work through my feelings and just… trying not to be sad. I’m actually working on bringing this comic back to a regularly updating (3 times a week) thing, but I want to have at least a month’s worth of comics done (that’d be 12 comics) before I do start posting again. I’m getting there, and hope to start officially updating in another week or two. The comics I’ve been making have been a lot of fun to draw, and it feels really good. They’ve been making me laugh, at least. πŸ™‚ I’ll keep you all updated.

I hope everyone is doing well out there, and I’ll see you all soon.

<3 – Chris