So my wife and I scheduled this personal ultrasound (one just for us to have pictures, not for medical evaluation or anything) at this place called StorkVision. On our way there, he was kicking up a storm in my wife’s belly, and of course that meant that when we got there, he just wanted to sleep. His arm kept getting in the way, and in a bunch of pictures his mouth is open (he gets sleeping with his mouth open from me, haha), but I was absolutely thrilled to see him again anyway. We left with 88 pictures and a DVD of the whole session, so it was still TOTALLY worth it, even if Natey-boo didn’t want to cooperate.

My wife is 32 weeks pregnant now, and the last time we saw him was at 20 weeks. He’s grown so much, and I can’t wait until I get to see him everyday. As my wife and I say, “He’s the bestiest.” I love him so much already 🙂