Yaaayyy a sequential 2-parter!! Oh yeah, this makes a double update, so check back one to see the first half of this strip story thing 🙂

I probably should explain a bit to those who have no idea what is going on. Y’see, my wife and I bought a doppler heart monitor thing off Amazon.com so that we can listen to Nathan’s heartbeat just to be sure he’s okay in there (it can REALLY relieve a lot of worry and stress on whether or not he’s okay). But Nathan HATES it I think, as every time we go to use it, as soon as I put it on my wife’s belly, he starts to kick the CRAP out of the thing. It sounds funny coming through the speakers, because you’ll hear his heartbeat, and then alluva sudden “WHOOMP!!!” She’ll feel him kick really hard at the same time as well. Happens almost everytime haha

I probably had way too much fun drawing these two strips, as I was really trying to loosen up and just let the art flow. We’ll see if I can make it a habit over the next few strips 🙂