I can’t even begin to tell you how much fun these things are :’) When I got my first kidney stone, I had gone to an Urgent Care clinic close by, and they thought that my appendix had burst just judging from my symptoms and how much pain I was in. They then called my wife to come pick me up and take me to the hospital, where it was later discovered that I had a 3mm kidney stone lodged in my ureter. And I’ve had 5 more since then. Ugh.

A lot of it was my own fault. Kidney stones can be hereditary, but I sure didn’t help things out at all. When I got my first one, I had been drinking a LOT of coffee. For a long time really, as my sleep habits were awful and a constant barrage of caffeine and sugar were what kept me going. I started to cut down down on the amount of coffee I was drinking, as well as up my intake of actual water to try to help keep everything going well, because I noticed that every time I had passed a stone, I hadn’t drank much at all the day before and was pretty dehydrated. So yeah.

Cut down on the coffee and drink more water, FOR REAL. THOSE THINGS ARE AWFUL. I haven’t had any in several months now, so hopefully I’m done with that awful stage.

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