I couldn’t decide what to write here so I’m going to list all the ideas I had:

  • I am going to do this in front of any date that Nathan brings home when he’s older.
  • Investing in gold is never a bad idea
  • Nathan wanted me to make sure the boogie man wouldn’t show up ever again
  • Snot what you think it is…
  • I pick my friends in a similar fashion
  • The ancient war against the Nose Goblins continues
  • Haha, boogers
  • Okay so I pick my nose, big deal you guys, GOSH.

Funnnn times! Sorry for missing the updated on Friday and then again yesterday, what with all the snow and my job and being busy at home, I’ve had next to no free time at all 🙁 But I digress, and hope to have another comic up for you tomorrow! Yay! Thank you for reading, you lovely people, you!