Blame Myself

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  1. Mom

    Wishing I could say something useful.

  2. oh god you poor man :< the shit you have gone through in your life. Wish I could give you a real life hug right now.

  3. oh my… no rush, i understand how that could shake someone up. take your time and get over it in your own time, the comic can wait til you feel good enough to get back.

  4. HasToBeABetterWay

    Is there any possible job market available for you to change career? Even stay at home dad and your wife works for a while?

  5. SeanB

    Been there……………

    It does get better with time.

  6. Hey Mr Chris, it’s been a while (since we touched base, not nagging at your updating)! I hope your little is doing well. =) Let me start by saying I’m sorry that happened to you, and for that matter I’m sorry it happens ever, I commend you for working through it however you need to. It seems like you understand you aren’t at fault, but I’m aware of the concept of not being able to get passed things regardless of the truth. I’ll be sure to pray for you in this area as well as for your sweet little family! Thank you for sharing your process with us. =)

  7. Megan

    I got here from the comment you left on Danielle Corsetto’s facebook post. This is all so heart wrenching. I’m glad you’re working on changing careers – storyboarding is such a blast! Also, can I just mention that I love the way you drew squiggly lines all over you. Such a great way to convey such an awful feeling.

    Subscribed, btw. Totally gonna read through your whole archive when I get home.

  8. SubatomicCake

    I really don’t want to sound insensitive, and I understand if you are still on hiatus, but I can’t shake the feeling that I’m missing something. You’re active on twitter, and you often sound happy in your tweets, but still no update… 🙁
    But seriously, if you need it, take your time. Not the highest priority in life.

  9. Just started reading your comic and I love it so far! But sorry that you’re going through something really traumatic… hope everything gets better for you!

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